Regardless of what you use the money borrowed by the bank, Angie’s creditworthiness cannot be objectionable. Her possession is a guarantee of granting a loan – even the largest and most expensive – mortgage. What do you need to get green light to make your dreams of your own four angles come true? We encourage you to read the article!


First, Angie’s creditworthiness

First, Angie

Real estate – this is a branch of the economy that is most often associated with taking a loan. Not only young people, but also elderly people in different life situations ask for bank’s support when buying a house or a flat. Everyone goes through the same procedure regardless of age, marital status or occupation. The bank must be sure that the borrower will regularly repay the debt. To confirm this, specialists determine Angie’s creditworthiness . It allows you to minimize the risk taken by the bank by providing a mortgage loan of several hundred thousand. How does the bank calculate creditworthiness? Each financial institution has its own rules. Some of them, however, are common. Get to know them!


What is taken into account when calculating creditworthiness?

What is taken into account when calculating creditworthiness?

Sources and amount of income; form of employment; the age of the borrower and the costs arising from having a family, as well as current financial obligations, the amount of the loan he wants to take and the repayment period – these are factors taken into account by financial advisers when calculating creditworthiness. On their basis, specifically documents certifying declarations, a so-called borrower profile is created.


The installment amount depends not only on the bank

The installment amount depends not only on the bank

Angie’s creditworthiness is one of the elements of a mortgage that spends night’s sleep trying to get the bank’s help. Another, closely related to the first, is also the installment amount. The mortgage is usually repaid for several dozen years. It is worth knowing that the amount that will be transferred to the bank every month is not only dependent on this particular institution. The Polish Financial Supervision Authority imposes so-called recommendation. It specifies that the loan installment amount cannot be higher than 50% of the borrower’s net monthly income.

What a bank is a custom …

What a bank is a custom ...


Angie’s creditworthiness calculated by bank A may have nothing to do with what bank B presents. The differences sometimes reach 100,000 dollars and more! That is why it is always worth submitting several loan applications – explain experts from the portal zaradny


Angie mortgage with a trusted financial advisor – find out more!

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